Managing myself..

Trying to get myself more organised, as I noticed myself getting more and more swamped in work, I was loosing track of all the stuff that needed doing both at work and at home.
But even with New Year months away, I took steps to remedy that...
1) Read "Time Management for Sysadmins" (Remarkable book, quite recommended!)
2) Started using Remember The Milk as my primary Todo-list manager instead of merely relying on my Outlook schedule at work
3) Syncing Outlook to Remember The Milk using Milksync frequently
4) Started carrying a PDA again, or at least keep my Mobile handy to jot down new tasks immediately before forgetting them again (RTM allows for adding tasks through email or Twitter)
I'm already seeing the first benefits, as I don't discover "Oh, I have to do THAT, too - damn, almost forgotten that" anymore, plus I get a nice list of things I've finished, which for work tasks means I got documentation to show to $PHB, too :-)