F-104 Starfighter

This was the first model kit my father built for me, I was 5 years old I think... I had seen him building kits before, but one day on a vacation he decided that this one was to be specially for me, I got to keep it... it was the first of a long row of kits, first built by him for me, later built buy myself... by now, my son enjoys watching me build kits, something my father would have been proud off.

Some details - the kit was purchased around 1978, it's a Revell 1:64 - a pretty rare scale, nowadays they're either 1:32, 1:72 or 1:144. The paint job wasn't as specified in the manual (it should have been camo painted), but my father remembered from his younger years that Starfighters were first all in plain silver (unpainted aluminium)