Guns: less dangerous when in funny colours?

Saw this one in a shop window in Bremen:


It's a BB gun, CO2-powered, for sports shooting. Nothing fancy, really... except for the weird Lego-like colour scheme. The same pistol is available in ordinary black, and has been for a few years - but probably some marketing department thought that people might be buying more readily if the pistol looked less dangerous, and more toy-like.

Hint: If something does come out of the barrel and hits you, it WILL hurt. Regardless of which colour or shape the gun that the barrel is part of has. Sport guns are nice things to own and play with, shooting at ordinary cardboard targets, or old cans, or whatever, but making a gun look like a toy somehow seems rather wrong to me...


rone said…
If a teenager is waving what looks like a Lego gun around, a cop will be less likely to shoot that kid in the face than if the gun looked real.

Of course, the flipside will be Lego-like sleeves for real guns.