HTC Hero battery life...

A quick note to those out there with a HTC Hero (aka G2 Touch), who run into battery life issues (ie. pretty much everybody):

If you life in an area that doesn't have full 3G/HSDPA coverage and you fall back to 2G GSM/EDGE anyway: Disable 3G in the Wireless settings altogether. The phone will do its utmost to stay on 3G, pushing the transmitter to full power, rather than failing over to 2G networks, and this is a major drain on the battery.

If you force it to use 2G (and switch on 3G only when you really need it, for example for watching Youtube), the battery will last a lot longer, and for Twitter or GMail you won't notice that much of a difference.

Thanks to Olti for the tip-off, even though he's a heretic iPhone user ;-)